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bookcoverResuscitate!How Your Com­mu­nity Can Improve Sur­vival From Sud­den Car­diac Arrest“
by Mickey S. Eisen­berg, M.D. Uni­ver­sity of Wash­ing­ton Press

Note: Indi­vid­u­als accepted into the Resus­ci­ta­tion Acad­emy will receive a copy of this book.

Hand­outs & Presentations

His­tory of EMS in King County

Sci­ence of CPR/Survival from Car­diac Arrest

Dis­patch Assisted CPR

DA CPR Keys to Success

Video & Audio

HP-CPR — Video Toolkit (.zip) Includes instruc­tor guide, skills sheets and short demo videos (Note: long ver­sions of the videos can be down­loaded sep­a­rately as a .zip pack­age in either .MP4 or Win­dows Media for­mats — see below)

HP-CPR — Video Long Ver­sions (MP4) (.zip)

HP-CPR — Video Long Ver­sions (Win­dows Media) (.zip)

RA Audio Library (.zip) — Includes exten­sive col­lec­tion of 911 call audio and user guide

Sug­gested Readings

“35 Strate­gies to Improve Car­diac Arrest Sur­vival” pdf (2.3 MB)

“Chest Com­pres­sion Frac­tion Deter­mines Sur­vival in Patients with Out-of-Hospital VF pdf (630kb)

“Ven­tric­u­lar fib­ril­la­tion in King County, WA: A 30-year per­spec­tive”pdf(690kb)

“Three-Phase Model of Car­diac Arrest: Time Depen­dent Ben­e­fit of Bystander CPR pdf (220kb)

“Regional Vari­a­tion in Out-of-Hospital Car­diac Arrest Inci­dence and Out­come” pdf (611kb)

“Com­mu­nity Approaches to improve Resus­ci­ta­tion fol­low­ing Out-of-Hospital Sud­den CA pdf (498 kb)


Sur­vive Car­diac Arrest

Learn CPR

Learn AED

EMS Online

Medic One Foundation